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03/07/2021: Open Letter to new Kotaku EIC
26/02/2021: Glyph marked ​​​​​​​“Game of The Day” by Nintendo EU/AU
08/02/2021: Top reviews for Glyph platforming game
01/02/2021: SWITCH: High-quality indie platformer out in the Americas Monday
24/01/2021: Glyph press release released to warm up to coming press release!
21/01/2021: Ambitious new platformer takes the stage on Switch
10/01/2021: Glyph Platformer Out Monday 11/01-2021 on Nintendo Switch EU/AU
22/12/2020: New Switch Platformer Approved!
Not published Article: A Marbelous Coincidence!
Not published Article: All bets are on!


Game: Glyph
Developer: Bolverk Games
Release date: February 2021 (Nintendo Swtich)
Genre: 3D Platformer
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC (Coming Soon)
Press Kit: --> Download here <--

Contact Bolverk Games

Email: Info(a)
Company: Bolverk Games
Adress: Carl Jacobsens Vej 16, opg.16
Country: 2500 Valby, Denmark

Press Contact:

Rasmus Stouby:
Rasmus Jensen:


- A rewarding and satisfying game experience, ensuring hours of fun for any fan of classic 3D platformers.
- Immersion in a well-designed experience with great music and smooth controls.
- A game which is both challenging and relaxing, with a gratifying learning curve which accommodates all kinds of players.
- A feeling of progression as you travel through a number of charming and varied levels, meeting different NPC´s and learning more about the world they inhabit.
- Possible exploration of every inch of every map and a feeling of pride as you become more adept at the game´s controls and locate hard to find secrets.

Glyph Team:

Anders Bruhn Pedersen: Lead 3D artist, Animator.
Frederik Keglberg: Music and sound.
Frederik Bager: Lead 2D artist, Concepts, Store art, Textures.
Jesper Brun Halfter: Game Designer, level design.
Joachim Brüel Gerber: Creative direction, 3D, Shaders, Effects, lighting.
Lasse Tassing: Lead Coder, optimization.
Mark Olsen: Coder, main systems.
Manuel Richter: Coder, intern.
Mark Skovrup: 3D artist, Level Designer.
Jesper Staude: Trailers.
Tobias Rasmussen: Game Tester, QA.


Bolverk Games started in 2015 when Lasse got an Oculus Rift development kit. Together our three founders; Lasse, Bo and Jens realized that virtual reality games did not have to be gimmicky novelties. They realized that VR games had the potential to be well-thought-out and fully-fledged games. Games that are not just fun, but also have stylish graphics and solid gameplay.

Bolverk Games used to be located in Jens' living room. The fight for space was a daily struggle. We grew slowly, but surely, and as the need arrived, we moved to a larger office. Today Bolverk consists of almost twenty people.

We have several titles behind us today, with even more to come. With each new one more innovative than the one before. We consider all game genres open in our quest to make the best games we can. We believe that new challenges will make us better developers and strengthen us as a studio.
We have gone a long way from being three guys in a living room, fighting for leg space!


Glyph got nominated in early 2020 for the first version of Glyph, which is a free to play VR game. Eventhough the core of the game hasn't changed, the game has changed quite a bit since then.

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