Copenhagen 22/12/2020

New Switch Platformer Approved!

GLYPH: Nintendo yesterday gave final approval for release in the EU, Australia, and the Americas to the coming 3D open-world platformer game, Glyph. Made by indie developer Bolverk Games in Copenhagen, Denmark, Glyph will be the company’s fourth high-tier game, but only its first on the Nintendo Switch platform. The 17 member crew behind the game are naturally excited by the announcement and are looking forwards to a relaxing Christmas break after a few weeks of crunch-time.
Glyph will release to Switch Q1 2021
In the game, you have to jump, double jump, bounce, glide, and tumble a scarab through 80+ levels, beating enemies and solving puzzles, in order to restore the ancient Temple City. Glyph is a colorful and atmospheric open-world 3D platforming game for Nintendo Switch.

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