Glyph Switch Meta Press Release

Glyph press release released to warm up to coming press release!

To keep their new platform game in the consciousness of important journalist-people, Bolverk Games today issue a press release prior to another and more important press release coming at the end of next week. The latter announcing a so-called “Splash” when the immersive and versatile 3D open-world platformer, Glyph, is released to the all-important US-market.

Meta-press release
Many press release topics were considered prior to settling on the meta-angle. A tight contender was about how a superfan of the game has been awarded a custom made skin to use in the game. Another was a celebration of a specific number of new Discord Friends that have recently flocked to the channel.

Find the coming soon US page here.

The studio published this trailer recently (ESRB):

Find out more on the Glyph Press Page