Popular platformer glyph switch praise

Top reviews for Glyph platforming game

Switch game: Nintendo Life awards 8/10 as Bolverk Games celebrate glowing reviews for their new 3D platforming game.

Launching in the Americas one week ago reviewers are heralding the new 3D platforming game, Glyph, as a fresh take on the genre. Often cited positively is the new mechanics in the game, the smooth controls, the sound tracks, and the high fps in handheld as well as on big screens.

nTower, one of Germany’s biggest Nintendo reviewers, gave the game 8/10 and said: "Amazingly, the developers have implemented interesting ideas again and again right up to the end, which make almost every world unique and keep them in the memory for a long time."

Girl Gamers UK, chimed in and topped the score with a 9/10: "Glyph makes it very easy to just keep trying, with a massive sense of satisfaction when the offending level is finally completed."

TheGamer, happy with the game, found it to have "ruthless mechanics designed to challenge even the most skillful platforming expert."

Finally, Nintendo Life’s reviewer had a ball (8/10) with the scenic platformer, saying: “With smooth, stable gameplay, Glyph is truly a joy to play. The exploration levels in particular are incredibly creative…”

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