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Glyph marked ​​​​​​​“Game of The Day” by Nintendo EU/AU

Well-received Switch-platformer, Glyph, is chosen as “Game Of The Day” by Nintendo EU/AU this Saturday. The game is also entering the final two days of its 30% sale

Curious eShop shoppers will find Glyph at the top tier of a clean Switch screen on Saturday when the 3D-platformer is featured as “Game Of The Day” in the EU and AU stores.

And with a 30% discount in all available regions, this weekend is the time to strike a deal!

The crisp new game is a great opportunity for gamers to try something ripe and fresh in the world of platforming.

Seductive mechanics, beautiful worlds, and captivating music frame the exploration and time trials of Glyph, prompting spades of good reviews in the last few weeks.

Review comments such as this one are plentiful: The design style opted for is delightful and full of charm. Background detail is beautifully realized with a near monotone palette, the desert-like setting took me back to playing the exquisite Journey for the first time, says the praise from TwoBeardGaming marking the game an 8/10.

30% Winter Sale Ending
But how do you get your hands on all this gold, you ask?

Well, the time is now!
Most certainly now!
Super diddly widdly now!

While the above text is not a Haiku and Glyph do not have the endorsements of Rick Astley nor DickButt, Bolverk Games strongly urge interested ninfriendos to get this bang for their buck while the game is still on offer!

The 30% off super deal runs through Sunday the 28th of February in all eShops, so go! Go and explore. Go and succeed. But most importantly: Go in peace at a brisk pace.

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Bolverk Games is a self-supporting indie studio based in Denmark and focused on VR games and software, but over the past year, we have been working on a 3D platform game for the Nintendo Switch console, Glyph. We make the games we want to play ourselves - beautiful, challenging, and immersive. Bolverk was among the first to realize how VR gaming could be more than a novelty, and we are still at the forefront of a growing market, always exploring VR’s potential.

Glyph is a colorful and atmospheric 3D platformer game. You play as a sphere-shaped mechanical scarab, named Glyph, from a third-person perspective. The player has to practice precision, speed, and ingenuity to collect relics and artifacts while exploring a series of highly varied, charming, and treacherous non-linear levels.
The end goal is to complete all the levels and restore the ancient temple city residing in the desert, which also functions as the game´s non-linear hub world.
Glyph appeals to both chill-out players and speedrunners as the open world allows for creative ways to move through the 80+ levels available with the release.

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